The Giving Days

Growing up on a homestead farm, with seven brothers and sisters we didn’t have much, but Mom always found ways to give. Mom grew up without her mother, taking care of her Dad and brothers on a dairy farm in the 1930’s. She married Pop in 1948. Mom continued her journey of giving raising eight children on the family farm. As we grew up Mom always found time in her busy day to give us what we needed. She taxied us to whatever sport was in season, everyone knew there was always room in her car for another kid. Who was in charge of school fund raiser dinner? Mom. If we needed help with our many jobs, Mom was always there. Our 4-H projects were always finished on time. Did Mom get a lot of sleep on those nights? No. When we were away from home she always found time to write letters and even slip a little something in the envelope. As we grew up, moved away, got married and had children, Mom continued to give, just differently. She gave advice, when asked. She helped us with our projects, catch up on laundry, or hold a fussy baby so we could get something done. She always arrived with her brown box filled with cookies, fruit salad or a new recipe she wanted to try. She went with us to doctor visits with our babies, photo sessions, and was always ready for a shopping trip. (Treating us to lunch of course.)When Pop developed heart trouble Mom became his care-giver. They put miles on their golf cart appreciating the trees in the woods. Mom learned to cook healthy heart foods and Pop even learned to enjoy them. Then, in 1990, Pop went home to be with the Lord. Did Mom stop giving to others? No. She volunteered at a small Catholic school for many, many years. She gave those little children a ‘grandma’ who would read to them, tutor them, and help them learn their prayers.My sister was diagnosed with colon cancer in the fall of 2000, by Thanksgiving she was with the Lord. Mom spent days with her doing whatever needed to be done. She kept us going even when the going was tough. How could God take a child/a sister when we needed her so much? Did God know how Mom was feeling? Yes, He had given His only Son for us. Mom continued to taxi people around, many older than herself. She took communion to shut ins and visited friends in the nursing home. She even helped care for quadruplets. Mom has sewn hundreds of blankets for critically ill children. Now 91 years “young,” Mom continues to live on the family farm where all of us learned to get along, obey our parents and most of all love God. She lived a life of giving and now we have the opportunity to give back to her. She doesn’t drive anymore. You might wonder what happened to her car. She gave it away, of course!

Be Kind!

Be kind to one another. Ephesians 4:32

Breakfast with my girls and a pair of sneaker socks with bees on them have turned into a family tradition of sorts. When I gave them the socks I told them when they wore them to remember to ‘be kind’ to one another. Over the years ‘bee kind’ bees have shown up on pajamas, dish towels, socks—even gift cards! Together or miles apart the little bumble bees have served their purpose. We are blessed to have four kind daughters.

Be An Encourager!

I recently attended a SCBWI conference and met an encourager! Deb shared her long journey with us. She encouraged us to be more, to use our gifts and have confidence in our God given talents. She told us you can blog, you all have a story that needs to be told. “This afternoon I want you to write your first blog post.” Later that day she checked to see if I had indeed written something. She sat down and helped me brainstorm all the topics I could blog about. I came home believing that I could blog. Now my daughter has been telling me I need to blog for several years. Even had it set up on my website. So what was it that Deb said that gave me the courage to make me believe I could do this? I don’t know! But her encouragement DID give me the courage to come home and do this!!! Be encouraged – and – encourage someone today.

Thanks Deb and Jen!

So speak encouraging words to one another. I Thessalonians 5:11 Msg

You are Enough

Welcome to my premier blog post focusing on Life’s Inspirations! For my first blog post I am participating in the Positive Writer’s Contest, YOU ARE ENOUGH. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

How many times have we heard someone say a journey begins with the first step? What is your journey? Get an education? Start a business? Complete a project? Lose weight? Write a book? I could go on and on. To begin that journey, we MUST believe we can take the first step. Believing we can and taking that first step often involves a champion saying “yes you can, you’ve got this.” A champion says you can do more, you can give more, you can reach deeper. A champion believes in you, steps up for you in life. A champion believes in you when you can’t believe in yourself.

I have been blessed to have had people that believed in me my whole life. People that said to me you can do this. I believe in you. And what happened I began to believe in myself. To believe in my God-given abilities. To believe that I am enough. To take that first step. Have I fallen down? Did I want to quit? Yes and Yes. I have been blessed with God given abilities which are enough for me to have the courage to take a step and believe – YOU ARE ENOUGH.

So what journey are you on? Who are the champions in your life? Who has told you, YOU ARE ENOUGH? Believe them. Believe in yourself. Take the first step! You ARE enough.

And one more thing…….. whose champion are you? Tell them today, YOU ARE ENOUGH.